Your Property Manager should supply a cleaning list that will specify exactly what they need cleaned and to what standard.

We have our own checklist that must be completed for every room/area of the property however some Property Managers require some extra things be done such as wheelie bins washed, outside walls washed or concrete pressure cleaned.

You will need to double check this list with your Property Manager.

As a basic indication we clean the following in every room/area:

  • Doors and door frames
  • Walls and skirting
  • Spot clean ceilings
  • Fans, light fittings, air conditioners and filters
  • Window frames, screens, tracks and glass
  • Blinds and curtains (if required)
  • Robes including shelves, drawers and doors
  • Cabinetry including bench tops, shelves, drawers, doors, handles and kick-boards
  • Ovens, cook tops, range hoods
  • Sinks, taps, plug holes and plugs
  • Showers and baths including all tiled areas and glass
  • Toilet seats, bowls and cisterns
  • Power points and light switches
  • Flooring vacuumed and mopped

Other things we can help you arrange:

  • Carpets professionally steam cleaned
  • Flea treatments are required if you've had a pet
  • Gardens and lawns will need to be attended to
  • External cleaning and wheelie bins may need cleaning
  • Car oil stains may need to be removed from the garage