<p style="text-align: center;"><strong>Bond Busters</strong></br>
Don't risk your bond money!</p>


Bond Busters was opened in 2011 by owner/ operator Bonnie Dean.

This successful business is now under new management by owners Randall & Margaret Laughton.

Randall began his cleaning journey when leaving school in 1975 where he was employed by a local cleaning company. Encouraged by the experience he gained during this time together with his wife Margaret in 1982 decided to start their own cleaning business, Southern Highlands Cleaning after securing a contract for a local Shopping Complex. From there we grew the business to include Commercial & Domestic cleaning including Bond Cleaning for many local Real Estates and their tenants employing up to 21 staff at the peak of the business.

Some years later we also started another very successful cleaning business Wyzowl Cleaning, also in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Both business are currently successfully trading after being sold to their current owners.

In 2015 our lifelong dream of living on the Sunshine Coast became a reality where we were to semiĀ­retire, however Randall soon discovered he was not ready for retirement and we purchased Bond Busters in March 2016.

We are excited to be able to add our years of expertise and professionalism to the business and are excited to offer our service to the people of the Sunshine Coast.